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TOP 12 series

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PB TOP 12 series

Download PB TOP 12 Brochure (pdf)

PB TOP 12 scissor lifts (electro-hydraulic drive) overview:


Working height

Overall width

Lift capacity


PB S151-12ES

with outriggers!
15.03 m
1.22 m
550 kg

PB S171-12ES

with outriggers!
17.10 m
1.22 m
400 kg

PB S195-12ES

with outriggers!
19.60 m
1.22 m
600 kg

PB S225-12ES

with outriggers!
22.50 m
1.22 m
600 kg

The scissor lifts of the TOP12 series offer working heights of 10.20 m to 22.50 m with compact device dimensions with an overall width of only 1.22 m and total lengths of 2.80 m to 3.28 m.

Despite relatively low weight the work platforms have generously sized platforms with lift capacities up to 700 kg. Manual platform extensions of up to 1.50 m also bring you a plus of working space and provide the option to bridge over obstacles easily.

With their 90° steering and a small turning radius, the TOP12 models are eminently suitable for a whole range of different uses. All models in the TOP12 series are also drivable at full height and almost all of them can be used indoor and outdoor.

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