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Scissor lift

PB S131-12E

Working height: 13.00 m

Lift capacity: 700 kg

Overall width: 1.22 m


• Effortless mastering of difficult access or loadings thanks to its strong, zero-emission drive with standard differential lock

• Smooth and precisely control because all functions (driving, lifting, lowering) are proportional

• A consistent steering geometry with 90° steering angle allows total flexibility and almost a turn “on the spot”

• Whether shelf works in warehouses or action in facade engineering – an in- and outdoor approval enables nearly every conceivable application area

• Its compact design with only 1,22 m width allows trouble-free operations in very confined spaces

• Enormous 700 kg load capacity for take-away of heavy materials and tools

Technical Data
Working Height
13.00 m
Transport Height
1.88 m
Platform height
11.00 m
Gross weight
4549 kg
Lift capacity
700 kg
Platform extension
1.00 m
Overall length
3.00 m
Overall width
1.22 m
Drive speed stowed
2,4 km/h
Overall height
2.83 m
Drive speed raised
0,3 km/h
Turning radius outside
2.83 m
Further technical data:
Electro-hydraulic drive
Operation area
Platform occupancy inside
Platform occupancy outside
Drivable at full hight
Diagram PB S131-12E
Working platform diagram PB S131-12E
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Product description

The scissor lift PB S131-12E of the PB TOP12 series, with its compact design with 3.00 m length x 1.22 m width x 2.83 m height, reaches a working height of 13.00 m - both indoor and outdoor.

With 2.90 m length x 1.19 m width the platform of the scissor is already generously dimensioned and has a impressing load capacity of 700 kg. By a manual extension the size can be expanded to max. 3.90 m x 1.19 m. This extension brings off not only an extra of workspace for up to 2 workers indoor (1 worker outdoor), tools and materials, but also allows the easy bridging of obstacles.

With its precisely proportional control (driving; lifting; lowering) in combination with the 90°-steering and a small turning radius of only 2.83 m, the PB S131-12E is very flexible and therefore suitable for a wide range of various works.

The low weight of 4170 kg and the possibility to minimize the height to 1.88 m by folding the rails, also facilitate an easy transport.

A standard differential lock and the possibility to drive the scissor at full height, successfully round off the profile of the PB S131-12E.

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