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Scissor lift

PB S275-18ES 4x4

Working height: 27.50 m

Lift capacity: 900 kg

Overall width: 1.80 m


• With the PB S275-18ES 4x4 with a working height of 27,50 m, you are ideally equipped for maintenance, installation and assembly work of all kinds, both indoor and outdoor

• With a Mega-Deck platform of max. 8,40 m x 1,80 m size and strong 900 kg (indoor) / 750 kg (outdoor) lift capacity, the working platform provides a secure job at height for up to 4 people

• With its emission-free electro-hydraulic drive the 1,80 m narrow working platform is predestined for long-lasting, large scale use, especially in enclosed spaces

• A standard proportional control ensures that the machines performs all movements (lifting, lowering, driving) smooth and precisely

• The combination of 4-wheel-drive and standard differential lock gives the working platform sufficient propulsion and the necessary balance when used on hard-to-drive, roughly grounds

• Within a short period, the standard automatic outrigger system levels roughness of the floor and creates a great plus of stability

Technical Data
Working Height
27.50 m
Transport Height
3.27 m
Platform height
25.50 m
Gross weight
23000 kg
Lift capacity
900 kg
Platform extension
2.25 m
Overall length
6.60 m
Overall width
1.80 m
Drive speed stowed
1,44 km/h
Overall height
4.22 m
Drive speed raised
0,13 km/h
Turning radius outside
6.30 m
Further technical data:
Electro-hydraulic drive
Operation area
Platform occupancy inside
Platform occupancy outside
Drivable at full hight
Diagram PB S275-18ES 4x4
Working platform diagram PB S275-18ES 4x4
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Product description

The PB S275-18ES 4x4 is one of PB's scissor lifts of the category “enormously narrow and extremely high”. With a working height of 27,50 m and a width of only 1,80 m it is perfectly suited for working in high altitudes in limited spaces.With 900 kg (indoor) / 750 kg (outdoor) lift capacity on the complete max. 8,40 m x 1,80 m platform, frequently lifting is a thing of the past – up to 4 workers plus heavy material and tools can be easily lifted upwards. This increase both time and cost efficiency.If the machine gets moved, a sensitive proportional control for all functions (lifting, lowering, driving) in combination with a standard 4-wheel-drive and a 2-axles steering ensures that the necessary operational flexibility is given.For strong and durable propulsion, the electro-hydraulic drive and the standard differential lock are responsible. A 25% gradeability completes the overall package of outstanding driving characteristics.Incidentally, the scissor lift can also be moved at full height at its indoor and outdoor use.While standing, the fully automatic outrigger system ensures within seconds that works directly on high exterior facades objects can be realized easily and safely, even on rough ground conditions.Alternatively, the scissor lift is also available as PB S275-18E without an outriggers system.

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