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Scissor lift

PB S225-24DS 4x4

Working height: 22.30 m

Lift capacity: 750 kg

Overall width: 2.47 m


• With an immense 22.30 m working height the PB S225-24DS 4x4 is predestinated for installation, mounting and maintenance works on construction sites or in industrial areas

• For working at high altitudes the device has with 750 kg lift capacity the necessary power reserves on the entire max. 7.20 m x 2.36 m platform

• The 4-wheel-drive and the standard differential lock of the scissor ensures sufficient propulsion and the necessary balance in use at hard drivable, uneven grounds

• A fully automatic supports system levels the machine via push of the button and within seconds on uneven ground, thus provides a huge plus of stability and security

• The Deutz-Diesel engine is very powerful and allows long working cycles

Technical Data
Working Height
22.30 m
Transport Height
2.98 m
Platform height
20.30 m
Gross weight
12160 kg
Lift capacity
750 kg
Platform extension
2.70 m
Overall length
4.84 m
Overall width
2.47 m
Drive speed stowed
5,4 km/h
Overall height
3.72 m
Drive speed raised
0,51 km/h
Turning radius outside
5.50 m
Further technical data:
Diesel-hydraulic drive
Operation area
Platform occupancy inside
Platform occupancy outside
Drivable at full hight
Diagram PB S225-24DS 4x4
Working platform diagram PB S225-24DS 4x4
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Product description

The self-propelled scissor lift PB S225-24DS 4x4 of the TOP24 series combines the features “space“, “power“ and “range“. The device ensures an enormous 750 kg lift capacity on the whole max. 7.20 m x 2.36 m large mega-deck platform. Therefore, in addition to up to 4 workers the take along of heavy tools and materials is absolutely no problem. This prevents frequent lifting and lowering of the platform and thus saves time and costs.

Thanks to the working height up to 22.30 m the device is predestinated for works in high altitudes. The machine can also be driven at full height. Whether large-scale installation, mounting or maintenance works on construction or industrial sites – with the PB PB S225-24DS 4x4 you are completely prepared for it.

So that the driving on heavy, uneven grounds is as easy as possible a powerful Deutz Diesel engine, a standard differential lock and a 4-wheel-drive provides massive propulsion and the necessary balance. A gradeability of 30 % benefits this, too.

Another huge safety plus is the automatic supports system of the PB S225-24DS 4x4. The system levels within seconds and via a simple push of the button unevenesses of the ground to 0°, what stabilizes the machine in action enormously. That increases the field of applications significantly and e.g. operations at high facades directly at the object – even on unsteady terrain – are easy to realize.

No matter what operations finally occur, with the PB S225-24DS 4x4 you’ll do it in a smooth way without jerk, because all functions (driving, lifting, lowering) of the device are proportional.

The outer dimensions of the machine are 4.84 m length and 2.39 m width. By folding the platform rails it’s possible to reduce the transport height to just 2.98 m. This pays off especially for an easy transport, but also at low clearance heights.

All in all the PB S225-24DS 4x4 is a real power-scissor with all-rounder qualities – even at most difficult operations.

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